About Andrew Clark

Married to Tracy and dad to Benjamin and Ceitidh (pronounced Katie).  Dedicated to having Jesus at the centre of all that I am.  Passionate about seeing the whole church informed and mobilised to flesh out Jesus in the reality of our post-Christendom United Kingdom.  I spent 9 years leading Salvation Army churches in Glasgow, Bristol, Wick and Aberdeen with Tracy and now embarking on a new journey in Newcastle in a Methodist/URC church called Trinity in the Gosforth area of the city.

My formative spirituality is clearly Salvo, with a heart for the lost and a heart for the poor, but I’m equally fired up by Celtic spirtuality and love the richness and historicity of the Jewish roots of Christianity.  I’m a strategic thinker, some would say ‘deep’, with an apostolic/evangelistic/prophetic type ministry in the main.  My greatest joy is championing and empowering the ministry of others and I have a desire to see a viral organic church planting movement sweep through the UK.  I have my ‘thorn in the flesh’ to keep me humble and entirely reliant on grace.

Apart from all that, I love the music of Ludvico Einaudi…he is better at playing it than I am, but I have a go.  I have a love of VW campers and one of these days I’ll have my own again!

  1. Peter Hobbs says:

    Loved the intro! Love the courage. Sad you didn’t get a chance to experience the Army over here… Love the title of the Blog. I hope that your experience recorded here will really help shake people’s lives up so Christ will once again be Sovereign and Lord of it. I don’t have the patience to Blog, however I hope to make the same difference by modeling the change here in our Corps Plant… like you putting my neck out because it is a complete act of faith. However this is the only way to live… I guess its what jesus was talking about.. life in all it’s fullness… living o the edge.!!

    Bless you and your family heaps. Keep up the blogging!!

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